Meet Kati

She’s a loving wife, mother, grandmother and the centre of her close-knit family in Hungary. Three years ago, in her fifties, she left them all to come and work in the UK in order to earn extra money to send home.  Although she used to be an insurance agent, her English was not proficient enough to allow her to work in an office environment in the UK so she would spend long hours, six days a week, hoovering, scrubbing and tidying houses here.  It was hard work and eventually, the arthritis in her hands and knees was so painful that she found it almost impossible to carry on.  Around this time, someone suggested she consider becoming a carer. The money is better and the work, although still demanding, is not so hard on the joints.

Kati has taken to her new job with typical pride and gusto. Betty, for whom she cares, is thrilled to have someone so kind and thoughtful and conscientious. Every day, Kati monitors Betty’s blood pressure, massages her neck and shoulders – did I mention she does reiki too? – and cooks up hearty Hungarian meals.  She dresses Betty in her favourite outfits and makes sure she has matching lipstick and earrings. Since Betty used to work in fashion, little things like that are very important to her.

A naturally gregarious person who likes to be able to communicate with those around her, she signed up for weekly English lessons; her walls are covered with intricate hand-drawn tables of English grammar, vocabulary and verbs.

It didn’t take long for Kati to make local friends.  She attends church on the weekends, sings in the village choir and joined a nearby yoga class. She also Skypes her family in Hungary at least three times a week and goes home for visits every 2-3 months.

This is a woman who lives her best life every day.  She is eternally cheerful and always looking for new ways to grow and thrive.  She is an inspiration to me and older women everywhere.

Do you know of an Everyday SuperStar who deserves to feature here?

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