It’s been a pretty disastrous year worldwide, hasn’t it? So it’s fantastic news that a number of vaccines are now available for us all to hopefully immunise ourselves against the worst effects of Covid.

Here in England, we have also recently been presented with a lockdown exit plan. If all goes to schedule – and it certainly appears to be at this stage – we will be able to start hosting and staying with one another again from 19 May, 2021.

Obviously, the situation is different in each country, so please check with each individual Host who will advise her availability according to her unique location and circumstances.

Good communication is key. Hosts should ask Guests to answer the following questions before accepting a booking:

  • Have you or anyone you live with travelled to any areas that have been seriously impacted by COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
  • Have you been diagnosed with, or suspect that you have contracted, COVID-19?
  • Do you currently have any travel restrictions in your area due to COVID-19?”

Anyone whose travel plans are curtailed by COVID-19 will be entitled to a full refund of unspent days.

It’s not been a great year, but it has been a great reminder that life is short and precious and to be celebrated. I look forward to opening my home again and visiting other members of the SisterStay community over the course of the coming year, making new friends, exploring new places and living my best life. Will you join me?

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