Welcome! After such a rollercoaster of a year it’s very exciting to have finally passed the landmark date of 17 May here in England so we can once again gather indoors with friends, visit theatres, museums and galleries, eat inside pubs, restaurants and cafes and hug one another. How we’ve missed all those things, but especially the hugs!!

From today, here in England, we can also officially stay with one another. Even though a number of Hosts have had to change their status to Guest Only – with adult children continuing to work from home for the near future – there are still plenty of lovely places to visit and welcoming Hosts to greet you.

There is no longer a restriction on international travel from the UK, although a traffic light system has been introduced, whereby every country has been designated red, amber or green depending on the local rate of Covid and we must follow the rules when returning home. It’s great to see things opening up again.

Obviously, conditions will vary from country to country so please check your own government’s official advice regarding travel. But know that the UK is working hard to get back to normal. You can check out the latest UK guidance on coronavirus restrictions here.

As an Australian who would like to go back and visit my family as soon as possible, I look forward to the world at large opening up again. In the meantime, let’s all be grateful for as much as we are currently allowed to do, keep fingers crossed that the situation everywhere continues to improve and make plans to live our best life every day irrespective.

In fun and friendship,

Founder, SisterStay

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