Sneaky peep inside SisterStay

SisterStay is a friendly community of 50+ women who open their homes to help one another enjoy and make the most of life.  We offer a safe, easy and affordable way to visit new places and make new friends. This allows us to stay active, engaged and young at heart – win, win, win!

Of course it would be wonderful to show you all the lovely Hosts and their homes before joining SisterStay, but then it would be a public community – open for everyone to view – and that’s not who we are.  We guard your privacy and we check the identity of everyone who applies to join us.

Below is a mock-up of the Host page inside SisterStay to give you a better feel for how it all works.

If, for example, you were interested in visiting the Stunning Cotswolds, you would click on Leah’s listing to access extra photos, her personal Profile and the means to contact and book with her.  Her listing might include general information about where she lives, links to nearby places worth visiting and details about her interests and availability. You would also be able to see at a glance whether she is able to provide dinner, what sort of diets she is able to cater for, her ideal length of stay, what languages she speaks, whether she accepts smokers and what other facilities she can offer.

We want you to feel comfortable before signing up so if you have any questions, please just drop us a line at and we will do our best to help you.

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